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SAVIHost - Bam - 09-07-2017


SAVIHost is a little derivate of VSTHost that has been crafted for the sole purpose of automatically loading exactly one VSTi. To do so, savihost.exe has to be copied or renamed to the name of the PlugIn's DLL. If, for example, the PlugIn is called blabla.dll, savihost.exe has to be renamed to blabla.exe. Here, for example, it's PPG Wave 2V.exe:

[Image: savihost.jpg]

[Image: saviattack.gif]

Well - some people have expressed the desire to run their VSTis as standalone programs in as simple a way as possible. Using SAVIHost, it is a matter of seconds to create an executable for the plugin, which can then simply be invoked by the familiar double-click. No massive sequencer package, no unnecessary overhead.

RE: SAVIHost - Kamarro - 01-03-2018


My God, I've been waiting for this all my life. Usually I have to do it using a Kontakt Player or a little DAW to play the plugins and I also needed to put PC in hibernation mode. Why?
Because I use small and very cheap PC's (like 40/50 pounds each on eBay, many times less) and use them to play the plugin, while a < £10 Arduino with knobs and pots do the rest. What you see, and the way you use it, is a real Synthesizer with, or without display. With this SAVIHost, I already tried it and it works wonderfully. Very small PCs with 1 or 2 GBytes RAM, 40 or 80 GB Hard Disk and Windows XP. Only one file on Autostart and that's all.
I really love it.

Amazing work! Thousands of standalone plugins...

Thank you!

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