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nofish Dub Siren - Win/Mac - Bam - 29-06-2017

nofish Dub Siren

[Image: yWNEpLp.jpg]

nofish Dub Siren is a monophonic synth aiming to emulate these DIY devices used by Dub Sound Systems.

   Oscillator with sine, square, triangle, saw to choose from.
   LFO1 modulates OSC pitch.
   LFO2 modulates LFO1 speed.
   LFO3 modulates LFO1 amount.
   Tape delay emulation with high- and lowpass filter in the feedback path.
   Feedback can be > 1 so Dub style delay buildups are possible, be careful...
   Trigger is also controllable via MIDI note on / off.

Win: recommended to use VST2 version, VST3 version is experimental.
Mac: only tested in Reaper, not sure if working in other hosts.


.zip (Size: 5.13 MB / Downloads: 8)

.zip   nofish Dub (Size: 5.19 MB / Downloads: 9)

.zip (Size: 5.47 MB / Downloads: 3)

.zip (Size: 4.83 MB / Downloads: 3)

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