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tonus Nineteen70_suite - Bam - 23-06-2017

tonus Nineteen70_suite

[Image: nbtcMg0.jpg]

[Image: VTvn4w6.jpg]

[Image: ysZsw6K.jpg]

[Image: FER94aF.jpg]

[Image: ataUzFF.jpg]

[Image: FbNiOg9.jpg]

[Image: snYEJit.jpg]

[Image: qqwlHNU.jpg]

[Image: xNP2YoB.jpg]

[Image: 19FT3rz.jpg]

Approximations of small 7-module cabinets of ARP 2500 and keyboard controls.

Based mainly on the following modules:

- 1004 Oscillator.

- 1023 Dual Oscillator (Sync and FM added).

- 1045 'Voice' module.

- 1036 Dual Sample & Hold.

- 1003 Dual Envelope Generator (Times can be extended to 10 sec).

- 1006 Filtamp (Filter changed to multimode, and Ring Mod added).

- 1016 Dual Noise/Random Voltage Generator ('Color' control added to Slow Random sections).

Forty drop-downs in place of the jack panels provide two additional inputs to each patch row.

These do NOT emulate or model the actual sound of any ARP or any other vintage hardware synth, just borrows from the control design, layout and panel design of the 2500.


The suite contains these twelve additional versions with various combinations of modules :

- tonus Nineteen70 b, that exchanges a three-output Step LFO for the Dual Sample & Hold module.

- tonus Nineteen70 c, that has a second Dual VCO in place of the Dual Sample & Hold, and a second Filtamp in place of the Noise/Slow Random module (the Dual VCOs have had Noise added to their waveform selectors).

- tonus Nineteen70 d, that has a second 'Voice' module in place of the Dual Sample & Hold, plus Mix-Sequencer.

- tonus Nineteen70 e, that has as second 'Filtamp' in place of the 'Voice' module.

- tonusNineteen70 f, with modules compliment selected to reflect the basic architecture of MFB's Dominion I - 3-VCO, mixer (here Mix-Sequencer), Multimode Filter, 3-EG (here, 4), 3-LFO.

- tonus Nineteen70 g, with modules selected to provide the greatest variety functions : One Single Osc/LFO, One Dual Osc/LFO, Dual Noise/Random, Modamp (ring mod+VCA), Dual Sample & Hold, Mix-Sequencer, Filtamp (VCF+VCA), Quad Envelope Generator.

- tonus Nineteen70 h, that emphasizes 'auto-modules': Triple stepLFO, Dual Sample & Hold and Mix-Sequencer. With three Dual Oscillators, Filtamp and Quad Envelope Generator.

- tonus Nineteen70 fm, that has a dual two-op FM tone generator in place of the 'analog' Dual VCO.

- tonus Nineteen70 o2, that has modules selected to reflect the basic structure of the Oberheim Two Voice.

- tonus Nineteen70 rp, that contains most of the modules or functions of Roger Powell's 2500 system from the mid-70s.

- tonus Nineteen70 u, that has an arrangement of modules inspired by u-he's Bazille - 4-VCO, 2-VCF, 2-VCA, 2-LFO (here they can be LFO or audio osc.) and 4-Envelopes.

- tonus Nineteen70 3m, with Triple Ring Mod and six VCOs to feed it.


32-bit, so will require jBridge, etc., (or a DAW that will bridge) for use on 64-bit systems.


.rar   tonus Nineteen70_suite.part1.rar (Size: 80 MB / Downloads: 30)

.rar   tonus Nineteen70_suite.part2.rar (Size: 68.81 MB / Downloads: 22)

RE: tonus Nineteen70_suite - rexwreckin - 24-06-2017

I was one of the first to herald the coming of KB Synths....I was excited by the possibilities. Sadly I am not a sound designer and none of his releases come with presets. I have trouble with the simplest synth so Mr. Brown's complex monsters are way out of my league. Oddly enough even users have not made many if any presets I have searched. Now I greet his works with ambivalence if not out right apathy. Brown is quite a prolific author but it seems an exercise in futility if they can not be shared with anyone but the programming elite.

RE: tonus Nineteen70_suite - Sounddigger - 24-06-2017

@rexwreckin: It takes work man, lots of work Hump

RE: tonus Nineteen70_suite - Bam - 24-06-2017

Too bad the here nothing more happened Sad

RE: tonus Nineteen70_suite - rexwreckin - 24-06-2017

(24-06-2017, 10:52 AM)Bam Wrote: Too bad the here nothing more happened Sad

Oh well so much for that.

RE: tonus Nineteen70_suite - Kujaschi - 24-06-2017

(24-06-2017, 03:10 AM)Sounddigger Wrote: @rexwreckin: It takes work man, lots of work Hump

I´m a sounddesigner (i think, everybody here knows me).....

The creations of Kevin Brown are unique for sure, very realistic and beautiful for their GUI´s, but made with synthmaker, which is limited
in some ways. So this synths aren´t real emulations, but for the GUI.....
BUT....Mr Brown does emulate the real structures of the originals, so this may take sounddesign to higher levels....
So a Buchla won´t sound like a Buchla (and it´s known for it´s clean electronic special sound, when I listen to works of "Suzanne Ciani)

or "Silver Apples" of Morton Subotnick), but it may comes near...
On some synths he implemented a spring reverb (ARP), so this it´s sound is very very analog to me....

These synths are very interesting, but I´m lost in some other projects, but one day I´ll release a soundbank for one or another
synth of Mr watch this place, please..... Wink Wink

RE: tonus Nineteen70_suite - Bam - 24-06-2017

@Kujaschi , schön wieder wat von dir zu lesen Smile

Ich antworte auf deutsch, da ich das noch am besten kann. Leider ist @k brown, seit das Forum umgestellt worden ist, nach meinem Wissen nur einmal im Forum gewesen....

RE: tonus Nineteen70_suite - Kujaschi - 24-06-2017

Hallo Bam & alle,
sicher werde ich wieder öfters im Forum unterwegs sein....

Einige andere Projekte haben noch meine Aufmerksamkeit, die ich fertigstellen möchte/muss.
Allerdings hab ich noch einiges im "Köcher", was wieder speziell und exklusiv Music-Society zugute kommen wird.
Irgendwann ist auch ein Synth von "Kevin Brown" dabei, ob er nun im Forum postet oder nicht...
Seine Synths sind Selbstläufer ...z. B. Bestandteil in Musikerzeitschriften wie "BEAT-Magazine" etc. und
haben sicher eine gewisse Popularität erhalten - nur eben immer 1 "default" Preset...


Hello Bam & All other members,

for sure, I´ll be back ....and more often.

Working on some other projects, I want to finish in the next weeks, they need my full efforts.
So I have something new, especially for "Music-Society", only available here...
In the near future, there will be a soundbank for a "KEvin Brown" Synth - iif he´s posting here or not - for sure
His synths are very popular and available for example in the german "BEAT-Magazine"....,
but even only 1 default-Preset....but not for evermore..... :-D

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