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Regressif - Bam - 22-06-2017


[Image: 9zxBGk5.png]

Regressif is an audio plugin focused on sound degradation. Combining a multimode filter with distortion, samplerate reduction and bitcrushing effects, it can turn the most innocent sound into a wall of digital noise. Two LFO modules and an additional LFO mixer can then be brought into the mix to further mutilate your audio.

These functions are wrapped in a clean and easy to use interface : each module is clearly delimited and color coded, and the modulations can be assigned simply by dragging nodes. This playful interface allows to quickly create new patches or tweak one of the built-in presets. And if the supplied presets are not enough, Regressif also packs a randomizer for instant inspiration.


.rar   Regressif_setup.rar (Size: 2.02 MB / Downloads: 12)

.zip (Size: 8.84 MB / Downloads: 1)

RE: Regressif - Bam - 23-11-2018

Regressif is now at version 1.2.

- Resizable UI and bugfixes.

.rar   Regressif_setup.rar (Size: 2.23 MB / Downloads: 1)
.zip (Size: 9.15 MB / Downloads: 1)

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