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Virtual VS - Bam - 16-04-2017

Virtual VS

[Image: F9lP6iFl.png]

The Virtual VS is a software emulator for the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS vector synthesizer. The software allows any PC to emulate the features and classic sound of the Prophet VS. Think of it as being a virtual rackmount Prophet VS that sits inside your PC.

The synthesizer generates CD quality sound (16-bits at 44100 Hz). The output is more or less faithful to the original Prophet VS. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has practical suggestions on improving sound quality.

The synthesizer accepts MIDI commands coming in over your MIDI port. It can also output commands over the port. When connected to a real Prophet VS, patches can be transferred to and from the Virtual VS.


.zip (Size: 517.96 KB / Downloads: 45)

.zip (Size: 11.96 KB / Downloads: 40)

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