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Neviah - Bam - 31-03-2017


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[Image: NEVIAHfd.JPG]

Neviah: Three tempo-synced delays with an assortment of filters and effects

Details: Delays I, II, and III each have a feedback slider, beats/frequency selector, choice of 4 filters (HP, BP, LP, and a 4 pole filter) with cutoff and resonance sliders, and a modulation on/off switch.  Modulation (chorus/detune) has depth knob and beat division selector, as well as a stereo/mono button at the bottom.  Delay II has an added distortion, with gain, blend(between two wave folding functions), HP/LP filters, and a level knob.  Delay III has an LFO with depth and offset sliders (max depth is inversely proportional to the offset slider's distance from the center), and can be routed to Delay III's output, filter cutoff or resonance, or to the Dry signal.  Dry and Wet sliders.  Type in or detect tempo.  Animate button for the border to respond to the output level.


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