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tonus System 6 - Bam - 23-03-2017

tonus System 6

[Image: 8vYMQiwl.jpg]
[Image: 9bPsNqzl.jpg]

Based on a small ARP 2500 modular described in a vintage ARP brochure as 'Sample System 6'; six function modules in a "portable" case.

Most of the functions have been pretty fully emulated; no claim is made the sound emulates any ARP instrument, only the controls and basic structure. Fourty drop-downs stand in for the jack panels, providing two additional inputs to each patch row.

The 'Sample System 6' had as it's right-most module the 1005 Modamp; it's been replaced by an approximation of the more useful 1006 Filtamp, especially with the addition of Multimode filter function and a ring modulator.

This does NOT emulate or model the actual sound of any ARP or any other vintage hardware synth, just borrows from the control design, layout and panel design of the 2500.

Also available is a more accurately emulative version of the Sample System 6 shown in the ARP brochure, with the modules in the same L-R order and with the Modamp as the right-most module instead of the Filtamp (tonus System 6a).


32-bit, so will require jBridge, etc., (or a DAW that will bridge) for use on 64-bit systems.

The link on the website is to a Dropbox folder that also contains the .osm Synthmaker source 'schematics', so anyone with SM, or it's successor Flowstone, can alter it to suit. It's hoped that anyone who makes significant improvements will share the result with everyone.

As this was originally built for my own use only, there are no presets included; I wanted to come at the instrument anew each time, as one did with vintage analog hardware.


.rar   tonus System 6.rar (Size: 20.16 MB / Downloads: 11)

Re: tonus System 6 - Dee Jay - 23-03-2017

rad ! wish it was 64bit..anyone know how to uninstall a corrupt version of JBridge....

Re: tonus System 6 - Bam - 24-03-2017

(23-03-2017, 11:16 PM)Dee Jay link Wrote:rad ! wish it was 64bit..anyone know how to uninstall a corrupt version of JBridge....

or use Cockos Reaper, they have build in a Bridge

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