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Bit Fluzer - Bam - 23-03-2017

Bit Fluzer

[Image: bit_fluzer_skin4.png]

Bit Fluzer is an audio effect similar to standard "bit crushers", but featuring two channels with input filters and audio bit reductions modulated by two LFOs. Using the Bit Fluzer plugin you can alter the bit depth of the audio signal from your instruments or audio tracks in your DAW in various ways. The two bit depth controls range from one to 20 bits in continuous fashion, moreover the bit depth can be made to rhythmically oscillate with the LFOs. That way you can obtain a range of mono or stereo modulating effects: from subtle "sound warming", due to the soft noise introduced by a little bit depth reduction, to more aggressive distortions and groovy patterns. The two channels can work independently on different sections of the audio spectrum, since one channel features a lowpass filter and the other a highpass filter.

We release this freeware effect plugin also to advocate the main motives of, that is to rise awareness about the possible "progressive loss of rights" of users to fix and maintain their own electronic devices. We think this is especially relevant for musicians who are used to customising and fixing their instruments, either acoustic or electronic." Therefore, beside the economical and environmental concerns, the products policy of some hardware firms could damage the creative habits of artists using electronic devices. You may see the website for more info.

Disclaimer: NUSofting has no benefit from, or association with, or individuals involved in that "United States based" organization.


    Channel 1 features a Lowpass filter. Channel 2 features a Highpass filter.
    Both channels take the input as mono: left + right .
    Channel 1:
    left + right >>>input gain >>> lowpass >>> bith depth >>> output gain >>> pan
    Channel 2:
    left + right >>>input gain >>> highpass >>> bith depth >>> output gain >>> pan.
    You can create a new stereo image on the output using the pan controls.
    The LFOs when "free running" the rate range is 0.01 to 26.00 Hertz, when in "sync" the rate range is 1 bar to 1/32 (assuming a 4/4 time signature), and it will modulate the bit reductions relatively to the value of the bit depth controls.
    The level of the input can be adjusted between -12 and +12 dB.
    The dry/wet slider allows to mix the stereo input with the effected signals.
    All parameters can be automated inside a DAW.
    Scalable GUI and custom colours.


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