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Teufelsberg Reverb - Bam - 09-02-2017

Teufelsberg Reverb

[Image: balance-audio-tools-teufelsberg-reverb-plugin.png]

New Balance Audio Tools plugin range

The first plugin of a new range of audio tools is the Teufelsberg Reverb. It’s been two years since we released the Teufelsberg impulse response set, our most popular download, so we think it’s fitting for the first plugin in the Balance Audio Tools range to be this one.

    Lush reverbs, accurately captured at the infamous Berlin surveillance tower.
    6 different IR reverb sounds.
    Fast, zero-latency convolution.
    A/B compare and preset saving functions
    Linux, Windows & Mac downloads.
    Free and open source.

here a german info about Teufelsberg

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