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ATG Control - Bam - 30-01-2017

ATG Control

[Image: 2017-01-30_16-59-55.1485792149.jpg]

Quote:This is a 32-bit PC VST plugin to control your Autotune for guitar (ATG) equipped guitar such as the ATG luthier kits or the Peavey AT200 Guitar with full software.

WIth this VST you can record your automation and set where do you want the guitar to change so you can focus on playing good.

If you create your own tunings you can also automate the tuning parameter to alternate them and create some auto arpeggiator. You can also use the capo parameter or both.

You can automate the pickups to create gated guitar patterns that can change in color as in a sample and hold filter using the tone or the pickup models.

You have coarse pitch and a sensitive high resolution pitch sliders. You can connect that to your expression pedal.

You can enable/disable solid tune, useful if your song doesn't require constant correction. You can also decide when and where you want solid tune in your song.

Etc... Etc... I guess you see the point now Smile

Have a blast Big Grin.


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