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Extremist - Bam - 16-11-2016


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[Image: 1_15_11_16_11_41_22.jpeg]

Extremist is a VST multi-effect plugin for guitars. It's main purpose is distorting guitar signal to receive 'extremely heavy sound'

The effect works in stereo mode, without any latency. It uses 15-band stereo equalizer. Drive, Dry, Wet, Volume - amplification & mixing signals knobs. Feedback - level of signal feed back. Clip - clipping level. Reverb - stereofonic reverb effect, adjustable up to mid delay. Mid Boost - mid tones booster. Eq Q - width of equalizer each frequency band. Pre HPF - filtering low frequencies of effect input. Post LPF - filtering high frequencies of effect output. Noise gate - noise gate. Amp curve - amplification characteristic. Lock bars - operate equalizer sliders in mono/stereo. Post gating - noise gate applied before/after effect. Smoothing - signal smoothing (hiss reduction).


Re: Extremist - vee1234 - 24-11-2016

Hi only new here but was interested in this vst....I guess my main query is can it do tube like overdrive to distortion....has that been modelled in the vst?

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