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VirtualKeyboard - Bam - 16-09-2016


[Image: virtualkeyboard.png]

You may find VirtualKeyboard useful to show what is happening in your real keyboard in a video demo, to visualize separate Midi channels of a Midi file in a standard keyboard layout or to send new notes by clicking on its keys if you don't have a real keyboard. You'll find it more flexible than most virtual keyboards included in DAWs because you can:

    Insert it as a Midi Instrument, Effect or Logic Midi Effect 32/64bit plugin anywhere in your mix.
    Visualize the Soft, Sostenuto and Sustain pedals and play them (or hide them by setting "Pedal Height" to 0).
    Filter the Midi input by Channel (show only notes of a particular Midi channel).
    Resize it: drag its bottom-right corner to change the key height and number of included octaves or increase and decrease the key width, pedal width and pedal height.
    Restore your settings (size, number of octaves and lower key) when you open your project later.
    Hide all settings to show only the keyboard by clicking anywhere on the keyboard while holding the cmd(mac) or ctrl(windows) key.
    Use it to trigger notes with different velocities (clicking at a different height of each key or using the "velocity" setting to send constant velocities).

Demo limitations:
This demo is fully functional but stops working after 3min and includes an add banner. Please buy it to remove the time limit and the banner.

Price (MSRP) 5€

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