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ocenaudio - Bam - 02-06-2016



ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor. It is the ideal software for people who need to edit and analyze audio files without complications. ocenaudio also has powerful features that will please more advanced users.

This software is based on Ocen Framework, a powerful library developed to simplify and standardize the development of audio manipulation and analysis applications across multiple platforms.
Why ocenaudio?

- Add "Convert to Mono" in open files list context menu
- Add option "play head follows cursor position"
- Add support to MP2 in MKV files
- Optimization of waveform render (uses openGL when available)
- Add regions highlight in open files search
- Keybindings preferences can be changed with doubleclick
- Add regions, markers and loop editors in the audio properties dialog
- Add record cursor (only to show the record position)
- Add Punch N Roll (with destructive recording)
- Complete support to high DPI displays
- Improvement of regions, markers and loops controls
- Add open files list sort capability
- Folder ($MUSIC)/ocenaudio is only created if used
- cue file support
- Removes ".dat" from ocenaudio associated extensions
- Add remember last folder used to save a file
- Add option to select bit depth when exporting PCM Linear in WAV and CAF
- Keyboard focus goes to label editor when region or marker is created
- Add optimization for linear transforms effects (gain, normalization and dc offset)
- Stylesheet update of toolbar in windows and linux
- Add support for audio screenshot in high dpi (requires Qt >= 5.5)
- Layout update of QuickOpen
- Add sinchronized view for two or more audio files
- ix presentation of preference dialog in Mac OS X full screen
- Fix problem opening files with mimetype audio/l16
- Fix regions playback issue
- Fix freezing when close ocenaudio while region is being edited
- Fix state of loop control in toolbar
- Fix issue that can freeze ocenaudio when a message box is created during the close process
- Fix a dead area bug (canvas area which not respond to mouse events)
- Fix a problem that causes freezing in the audio mixer
- Fix a bug with corrupted access of memory in some conditions. (Thanks to Frank!
- Fix a bug with channel synchronization during audio capture
- Fix audio mixer when the selected backend dont have any active devices
- Fix toolbar state on mac in some conditions
- Fix issue that could create an empty undo when inserting regions
- Fix issue that could freeze ocenaudio if region/marker or loop is being edited when quitting
- Fix minors bugs

Easy, fast and powerful audio editor.

ocenaudio is available for all major operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This means you can always rely on ocenaudio on any computer.

Re: ocenaudio - Sounddigger - 05-06-2016

Having used a previous version of this player/editor. I figured to get this update. But on windows 7 this version is crazy, frankly. Smilie_denk_55_fragezeichen_1

When I start the application, I get a window called "test for open file selector", with supposedly the option to select a WAV file or other audio file. However, whatever file you select and try to open, the window won't go away! There's simply no way to get rid of it, as all the application's functions (such as access to a "preference" menu) are blocked. Maddening, really.  Wall Anyone else getting this?

Also, there's no manual whatsoever, or even the slightest help file, anywhere online. I would suggest to the developers: if you don't want to make a manual, then keep things simple, and obvious: KISS rules!

I did regularly use the previous version 2.0.16 (which doesn't give the crazy start-up problem), but only for quickly browsing / checking certain files, under certain conditions (otherwise, I use other software) even if I found some things kind of clumsy / awkward, or simply buggy.

A word of caution: saving an audio file with that version (and this may also be the case for the new version) always totally screwed up the file!! This happens even if you didn't do anything to the audio file!!! I found this out when I used it just to edit some metadata. The audio should not have been touched when saving, but the sound quality was obviously degraded! I don't know WHAT happens exactly, but saving to WAV or MP3 is a total mess with the app, at least for v 2.x. It sounds kind of like when the resolution of the file is reduced, adding some kind of distortion. This is when free software can become REALLY expensive...  Dunno

And yes, I did check all settings extensively, there should be no error on my side. But who knows, even if I DID do something I shouldn't have, using the default settings (and such) should have avoided such an error.

Maybe they solved the issue (which I wanted to test, but was unable to, due to the silly start-up nonsense). But if you want to save files, then test things yourself and compare to be sure, or be sorry...

For the time being, I've reverted to the previous version, and only use it for quickly browsing files.

RE: ocenaudio - Bam - 14-04-2017

Update to 3.2.6

Changes in v3.2.6:
- Fix a Windows startup crash.
- New seconds horizontal scale.
- New link between markers/regions with main window.
Changes in v3.2.5:
- Fix an error when opening multiple files.
- New link between markers and audio properties dialog.
Changes in v3.2.4:
- Fix Windows startup bug.
- Fix minor bugs.
- New audio screenshot dialog.
Changes in v3.2.3:
- Internal Version.
Changes in v3.2.2:
- Fix an issue when opening files.
- New Hungarian translation (thanks Koncz László).
ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor. It is the ideal software for people who need to edit and analyze audio files without complications. ocenaudio also has powerful features that will please more advanced users.

RE: ocenaudio - Bam - 28-11-2017

ocenaudio free audio editor updated to v3.3.4

Change sin v3.3.4:

- Add option for resolution selection when creating new audio files.
- Fix AudioUnit bug.
- Fix problem that could cause a crash in some situations.
- Fix minor bugs.

Changes in v3.3.3:

- Fix AudioUnit bug.
- Fix GapLess no MP4.
- Fix minor bugs.

RE: ocenaudio - Bam - 08-06-2018

ocenaudio Audio Editor updated to v3.4   

Changes in v3.4.0:
- Add pause capability on markers.
- Changes on ASIO device selection.
- New way for change selections moving the borders.
- New option for choosing filepath on Export dialog.
- New option for only selecting full-duplex devices.
- New regions drag-and-drop (using CTRL key).
Changes in v3.3.10:
- Fix crash while dragging a file to ocenaudio.
Changes in v3.3.9:
- Fix crash while saving files.
- Update spanish translation.
Changes in v3.3.8:
- Fix keybinding issue.
- Fix AudioUnit bug.
Changes in v3.3.7:
- Fix leak after closing audio.
- Fix markers and regions in CAF files.
Changes in v3.3.6:
- Fix AudioUnit bug.
- Fix critical bug that crash ocenaudio.
ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor.

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