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MULTIBAND stereo IMAGE MODIFIER LITE - Bam - 29-03-2016


[Image: stereoimagerlite.jpg]

Using Multiband Stereo Image Modifier Lite you can freely change the sense of space, in 3 different frequency-ranges. Mid/Side mode optimalizes the audio sign. You can change the volume or stereo image with the Mid/Side volume functions.

Graphic frequency range handler interface: It can manage 3 different frequency ranges. The overlay of the different ranges can be changed with the vertical white lines. The ranges are colour-coded. When used, the vectorscope shows the stereo images of the ranges, and therefore you can see on the graphic display if the sense of space is correct.

Side volume: Adds to the sense of space. In middle-state there is no change. Pushing the slider up the sign changes to mono, pushing it down adds to the sense of space. Deafult value is 128.

Mid volume: Changes the volume of the mid-channel Useful function, because it lowers the middle sounds’volume – like the kickdrum or the vocal zone. Default volume is 256.

Volume: All 3 frequency-ranges’ volume can be changed separately.

Modifier on/off: In off mode the switch turns off all the effects in the program.

Band buttons: These buttons are used to turn on and off the different frequency-ranges. When turned off, it turns off the whole stream of signs from the ranges – meaning that both effects and the original sign will be turned off. In this state the frequency-ranges’ interface can’t be seen, therefore it’s easy to tell which range is on or off.



Re: MULTIBAND stereo IMAGE MODIFIER LITE - arseniy - 30-03-2016

Can someone explain? Removing the sides works the same as convertion stereo to mono?

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