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Arsenal Compressor LE - Bam - 07-03-2016

Arsenal Compressor LE

[Image: 1_07_03_16_12_18_07.jpeg]

Arsenal Compressor LE is a complete vintage compressor with internal side-chain filters and M/S (Mid/Side) processing.

This free LE version does not feature the Threshold and Mix knobs or their functions: it has a fixed threshold (-25 dB) and its set as 100% wet effect (you can't blend it with the original signal). Use it to process any sound that needs dynamic processing. Use the side-chain feature to process only certain frequencies, leaving the other frequencies unprocessed. And last but not least, with the M/S feature, you can process dynamically only the Mid, the Sides or even achieve parallel compression (50/50) but in M/S.

    Full automation.
    MIDI learn (right-click knobs)
    Zero latency.



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