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CODE MACHINE Example from Mira-Katharina - Mira-Katharina - 25-11-2015

[Image: 196_25_11_15_4_02_33.jpeg]
Here`s an example for a code machine which can compare 12 numbers. It goes from 000000000000 to 999999999999.
In the First Window you can put in a required Code; in the second one there is the written code.
You can put in more than 3 numbers in each input - but I`m not sure if synthedit could save that.
This device could be used for a simple registration tool in a vst.
Synth Edit`s 32 Bit Version is very complex to generate many other things - but ist limited to 32-Bit daws; or maybe useable on a 64 bit machine with installed 32 bit daw in the x86-section

.7z   Code Machine.7z (Size: 1.3 MB / Downloads: 4) .

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