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Tube Amp Ultra 530 free - Bam - 05-11-2015

Tube Amp Ultra 530 free

[Image: Screenshot.jpg]
[Image: Lead-Hi-schematics-example.jpg]

Tube Amp Ultra 530 VST/AU plug-in (briefly U530) based on the popular sound studio preamp ENGLĀ® E530, having a wide range of tone. On this basis, you can customize the sound of the powerful hi-gain to bright crunch and crystal clean tone. We hope that many musicians will use U530 in its arsenal.

Free version:

- Tung-Sol
- 44.1 kHz
- Fixed in the X2 state
- Fixed in the Fast state
- 4x12 Modern V30 cabinet
- The change of many parameters was restricted
- 32-bit (lower precision)

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