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ArpeggiatorFiend VST - Bam - 26-09-2015

ArpeggiatorFiend VST

- for registered users free to download

[Image: 1_26_09_15_10_06_09.jpeg]

prototype arpeggiator with simple synth,
work in progress demo draft.

-switch on 'arp'
-key some notes ( you can add extra notes,
which will hold as long as you have at
least one key still held )
-then press 'latch'. the arpeggiated notes
now trigger at each key press

-now you can have 'transpose' of the arpeggio

that's it so far. have not managed to write
the arpeggios to memory yet(which could be

nb: it needs a reset button for the pitches.
more of an omission. you may suddenly find
your pitch is out of range, and can only get
notes back by turning off the arp and losing
your 'latch' notes. sorry about that, will
figure it out.(this is just a little toy at
this stage, proof of concept etc.)

the other thing i wanted was MIDI arpeggios
coming out of the MIDI out, but it doesn't
appear to work correctly yet.

freeware. all rights reserved.
derived from a prefab by EVM/modules by

.rar   ArpFiend.rar (Size: 1.45 MB / Downloads: 27)

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