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STRATA - New Digital Age soundbank by KUJASHI - Kujaschi - 18-09-2015

[Image: 15_16_09_15_12_26_38.jpeg]

Exclusiv für Music-Society Mitglieder:
Eine Soundbank mit 40 Sounds für den STRATA von KRAKLI.

Sounds im digital-additiven "Outfit" mit der erforderlichen Kälte...
harsch, obertonreich, manchmal brizzelnd und vor allem Digital.
Vorwiegend Pads, keys, SFX, Keads, Bells und SQ-Sounds, angelehnt an
Synthsounds aus der 80/90 Ära von Geräten wie PPG, DX, Synclavier, Conbrio oder AlphaSyntauri.

Exclusively for the members of Music-Society:
A soundbank of 40 patches for the STRATA of KRAKLI.
Digital and additive patches in the memory of the digital synth-era with machines named
PPG, DX, Synclavier, Conbrio or AlphaSyntauri.
In this bank are mostly Pads, Keys, SFX, Leads, Bells and SQ-sounds.
Their character are mostly of an cold touch and digital harshness.
Try and play them with songs of that style and the 80/90ties in mind....

Das Sounddemo wurde wieder ohne externe Effekte - ausschließlich der Drums -
und nur mit den Sounds aus der Bank eingespielt.

The sounddemo was played without the use of external effects and - except of the drums -
only with patches of the soundbank.

.mp3   Kujashi_Strata_Digital Age_demo.mp3 (Size: 4.2 MB / Downloads: 13)

The link by interest:
.rar   Kujashi__Strata__DigitalAge.rar (Size: 68.83 KB / Downloads: 33)

A. Kujat
kujashi (aka Schiffbauer)

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