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FM Heaven now free - Bam - 13-09-2015

FM Heaven

- for registered users free to download

[Image: gsGjLhG.jpg]

FMHeaven's feature list includes:

- Support for six complex oscillators per voice. Each oscillator can be tuned over a wide range (from 0.5Hz to 20Khz).
- A completely flexible modulation matrix allowing any modulation routings to be configured. There are no modulation algorithms to restrict you!
- Sixteen complex waveforms per oscillator.
- Two multimode 2nd order filters.
- Fourteen complex envelopes per voice, allowing independent control of amplitude and frequency for each oscillator as well as two filter envelopes.
- Voice parameter morphing allowing realtime modification of many synth parameters using the mod wheel and aftertouch.
- Flexible control over the voices, including portamento, mono/poly switching, voice stacking with detune and polyphony limiting.
- Multi-timbral operation allowing up to 64 notes across the 16 midi channels.
- Complete automation possible from within the VST host.

.zip (Size: 433.85 KB / Downloads: 94)

Re: FM Heaven now free - moritz - 13-09-2015

Hello ,
this is version 1.4 and it doesn't have the filter section ( ver 1.5 ), it looks like this is the same demo version available from the original web site , no import and only bank 1 gives out sounds , other banks stay mute .. at least on my PC with Vista and VstHost 1.54 ,
thanks for the share ,

Re: FM Heaven now free - MS-Aloysius - 06-12-2016

I have heard about the synth. Looking forward to hearing it.  Smile

Re: FM Heaven now free - Knob Twiddler - 06-12-2016

I gave it a try, t is the 1.4 version without filter section and missing the other things moritz was mentioning...


RE: FM Heaven now free - tf-drone - 30-09-2017

just tested it. It does not run in Ableton Live 9.7 (jbridged), but in Reaper. The import function does not work, though (neither jebridged nor reaperbridged).

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