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Music-Society SpecialPack MB-PlugIns - Bam - 13-07-2015

Music-Society SpecialPack MB-PlugIns

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[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_18_03.jpeg]

AutoPan is an LFO controlled panner plug-in.

    Pan mono or stereo signals automatically using a 6 waveform LFO
    Volume, LFO frequency and pulse-width can be adjusted, as well as pan-width
    Signals can be panned in two modes: Normal mode: both input channels are panned simultaneously from L to R. o Rotate mode: one input channel is panned from L to R while the other channel is panned from R to L and vice versa
MB cRushy

[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_21_30.jpeg]

MB cRushy is an insert/send effect for signal crushing, distorting and filtering.

It can produce a very soft tube-like overdrive to a mind ripping crushed distortion.
MB MooPhaz

[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_24_35.jpeg]

MB MooPhaz is a moogish 6/12 stage phaser.

You can sweep manualy or let the LFO modulate the phaser frequency. You can control LFO frequency and amount, phaser frequency and q as well as output level The WID-button inverts the carrier signal on one channel to create stereo phasing. Available in stereo and mono version.
MB MooRiMo

[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_29_12.jpeg]

MB MooRiMo is a moogish ring modulator with two oscilators.

The LFO modulates the carrier frequency and the carrier modulates the input signal You can control LFO frequency and amount, carrier frequency and wet/dry mix The WID-button inverts the carrier signal on one channel so it can be used as autopan.
MBole Filter

[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_31_45.jpeg]

MBole Filter is a multi-effect plug-in inspired by Waldorf DPole Filter.

    4 filter types (LP, HP, BP, Notch, each 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct slope)
    Ring modulator with 3 waveforms
    Stereo Delay
    Envelope generator
    3 waveform LFO

[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_38_59.jpeg]

Phaz-Zoar is a 6-stage phaser with adjustable amount for each stage.

The amount of each stage fed into the next stage can also be adjusted. LFO can be changed in frequency, waveform (sine, triangle, saw and ramp) and range (in ms). Filters affect the phase signal to modify the phasing sound.

[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_43_47.jpeg]

Spaceman  make your vocals sound like from outer space, telephone, transistor radio...

It has a filter section, an OffSound section to simulate a radio transmission unit, a noise section and an overdrive section for signal distortion. Inspired by Bomb Factory ™ Cosmonaut Voice ™.

[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_46_45.jpeg]

Stereoizer is a simple plug-in that uses a modulated delay and amplitude modulation to create a stereo signal from a mono input.

This could be useful if you want to double a vocal track or a synth line; it can also be used on a stereo input to enhance/spread the stereo base even more. When the output is set to mono, it creates a chorus/flanger-like sound. Stereoizer enables you to swap channels, phase invert, mono-ize the input or monitor the signal without modifying it in any way.

[Image: 1_13_07_15_7_49_33.jpeg]

SynceDelay is a delay plug-in.

    2 individual delay lines, one for each channel.
    Delay time is synced to host tempo
    1 high pass filter before the delay
    1 low pass filter in the feedback line for delay damping
    Input channels can be variably routed to the delay lines
    Outputs can be individually panned


Re: Music-Society SpecialPack MB-PlugIns - baba_anubis - 23-07-2015

Thank you very much Smile  :top2

Great Collection

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