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Maize Studio - Bam - 23-03-2012

Maize Studio

[Image: screenshot.jpg]

Maize Studio is a modular live audio environment. You can build your audio devices and connect them with virtual wires. Maize Studio supports VST plug-in and provides many native devices. Based on the Device-Oriented design concept, every function is described as a device. With all kinds of devices, Maize Studio is able to fulfill your needs on stage or in studio with maximum flexibility.

The following are the current built-in devices provided by Maize Studio:

ASIO Audio Interface





Raw Input Keyboard



Audio File Player

Audio Matrix

Stereo Recorder

Drum Machine


MIDI File Player

MIDI Channel Splitter

MIDI Note Splitter

MIDI Matrix





Modular architecture, inspire your creativity

Support VST Plug-in and ASIO driver

Amazing GUI which is based on GDI+ technology

Fast MIDI mapping

32bit internal precision

Intel CPU optimized

Build-in disk streaming simple sampler

Build-in all formats audio player

Build-in SMF player

Project file save and load

[Image: mslogo.jpg]

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