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Clipmax - Free AU/VST2/VST3 Plugin for OSX and Windows - Bam - 21-02-2015


[Image: 1_21_02_15_12_11_01.png]

Quote:My first "real" C++ plugin so it's pretty simple, but it's still a very useful tool and it paves the way for more complex things in the future...

Use Pre Gain to tame the signal before it hits the ceiling, or to boost right into it.

Set a ceiling value to cut off anything that would peak above it. The more the little LED to the right of the ceiling knob flickers, the more clipping is happening.

Auto engages automatic make-up gain calculation. This doesn't just boost everything up to the max, it tries to maintain a fairly natural volume level similar to the un-clipped source.

Use Post Gain to adjust the volume after the clipping stage and auto make-up gain. Be careful how far you boost this...

You'll never know what the Cut button does, because you're not a wimp. Right?

Clicking the little logo in the top left corner will direct your browser to this product page.

Available as native 32/64-bit AU/VST2/VST3 plugin.
Runs on OSX 10.7 or newer and Windows 7 or newer.

No Windows installer, sorry.


* Fixed Windows VST2/VST3 versions
* Extended Skinning functionality
* Improved GUI design further
* Improved Clipping LED
* Reduced CPU consumption

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