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Lux Brainwave Entrainment Instrument - Bam - 14-02-2015

Lux Brainwave Entrainment Instrument

[Image: zCHwB6o.png]

The Lux Brainwave Entrainment Instrument is a VST plugin that was developed to give you precise control over the creation of four different kinds of brainwave entrainment stimuli:

    Audiostrobe (control signal for LED goggles)
    Binaural Beats
    Isochronic tones

If you own an audiostrobe-capable Mind Machine (or AVS Audio Visual Stimulation System), you have probably discovered that the built-in programs are awfully synthetic.  The beeps and boops you hear, and the unchanging lights might make you feel annoyed rather than relaxed.  Maybe you thought you could do better.  If you’ve ever used some of the session-creation tools that come with these devices, you’ve probably discovered that they’re not very intuitive, have little real-time control, and don’t play well with music.  Maybe you’ve looked into 3rd party software like Transparent Corp’s Neuro Programmer or Mind Workstation, but found the price to be prohibitive.

Although Lux was written with Mind Machine users in mind, you don’t NEED one to use it. It’s also a great tool for making pure audio brainwave entrainment tracks.

Lux BWEI allows you to create musically rich, meticulously programmed lightshows, binaural beats, and isochronic tones right in the context of your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).  It is a VST plugin which should run in any Windows-based VST host running in a 32-bit environment.  It was extensively tested in Reaper and somewhat less extensively in Ableton Live.

The beauty of crafting your brainwave entrainment sessions with Lux is that it works in the same environment in which you make your music.  In fact, you can compose lightshows right alongside of your music compositions, rather than making music first and adding lights later. Lux’s extensive synchronization options make it possible to create lightshows and other entrainment stimuli that sync perfectly to your music, even when the tempo changes. Since each audio generating unit can be routed to its own stereo output, it makes mixing, mastering and all kinds of post-production a breeze.

Nearly every parameter can be automated, and there are deep modulation routing possibilities through its mod-matrix.

.zip   Lux Brainwave Entrainment (Size: 19.69 MB / Downloads: 38)
.pdf   Lux-Brainwave-Entertainment-Instrument.pdf (Size: 607.36 KB / Downloads: 162)

Re: Lux Brainwave Entrainment Instrument - Dee Jay - 14-02-2015

Very interesting. Thanks for the link.

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