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MGF Audio effect bundle - Bam - 14-10-2014

MGF Audio effect bundle

MGF Timewarp Vibrato VST plugin

[Image: tumblr_ndd89jSr1d1u15dc7o1_r1_400.png]

Vibrato with 2 LFOs which can “pan” the pitch modulation amount for a stereo effect. Sine, Triangle, Saw and random waves with control over the shape and smoothing. Optional 4x upsampling and a smooth modulation algorithm ensure clean sound with minimal aliasing. Normal quality saves CPU and sounds brighter but less silky. Two different interpolation algorithms are available (ALG). Fast modulation settings possible and encouraged Smile

MGF Audio Triple Tap Delay VST

[Image: tumblr_ndd8iac4vw1u15dc7o1_1280.png]

Multi-tap delay effect with 3 taps. Each tap has an SVF filter and can be modulated by the two global LFOs with independent amounts. The taps are linked together by the ALG control, which gives an idea of the signal flow. SNAP dictates tempo sync or free time (the TIME knob). The tempo sync is measured in 1/16ths, so 16 = 1 bar. Feedback can be overloaded slightly for effect.

MGF Babyblue V1 Distortion VST effect

[Image: tumblr_ndd7wl078v1u15dc7o1_400.png]

Multi-purpose distortion, from subtle warmth to extreme crushing. 8 different distortion algorithms plus 2 FM based effects. 2x upsampling reduces aliasing. Distorted signal can be inverted. Like all my plugins at this stage, it is 32 bit and Windows only. If your DAW is 64 bit only, check out jBridge


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