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#MP-1 for NI Reaktor - Bam - 12-04-2014


[Image: MP1.png?zoom=1.5&resize=720%2C340]

Over the past month’s I have continued to work with Reaktor on an almost daily basis. Based on this learning I figured it was time to update this classic, therefore giving you the #MP-1.

The synthesizer is broken down into 4 main sections:

    Oscillators – choice of 8, Multi-OSC from the original synth, Sin/Tri, Sin/Saw and Sin/Squ
    Filters – 3 in total, 4-pole, Comb and Formant varieties
    Distortion – 1 distorted filter and 1 waveshaper
    FX – 1 compressor and 1 chorus

Due to the semi-modular capability of the synthesizer you can choose which of these to use, opening up a wealth of possibilities within sound design.

Please note: This has been built with the most up to date version of Reaktor – Please update before using this ensemble.

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