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Scratch it! free - Bam - 07-03-2014

Scratch it! free

[Image: scratch-it2.png]

Scratch it! is a free scratch / tapestop vst plugin for windows, it is specially created for live scratching and tapestop effects.

With the envelope you can define how the stop button works on the audiosignal, it allows you to define up to 16 points in a synchronized beat grid, like this the stop button can act as “scratch sequence”.


    Computer: Pentium III or higher/AMD  with SSE support - 1200 MHz - 512 MB RAM - Windows 2000 or XP or newer
    Host: VST compatible 32 bit (or 64 bit with vst bridge or j bridge) host software -  tested and known to work in  FL Studio – Cubase – Live – Renoise .

Scratch it! free

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