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TubeDriver v1.3 - Bam - 22-11-2013

TubeDriver v1.3

[Image: TubeDriver_v_1_3.png]

TubeDriver - tube amplifier emulation plug-in for Windows (VST 32 and 64bit) and Mac OS X (VST and AU 32 and 64bit).

Pre EQ - High Pass, Peak, Shelf and resonant Low Pass filters.
BIAS - Adjusts tube stage’s grid bias which control the symmetry of the tube amp      saturation.
DRIVE -Amount of gain applied by the tube amp.
VOLUME - Output level..
BOOST - +12 db additional gain applied by the tube amp.
BYPASS - Switch TubeDriver in bypass mode.
MONO - Switch TubeDriver in mono mode - process Left Input, output Left and Right.
PHASE - Invert phase of output signal.
HP Freq – Post High Pass Filter frequency.
LP Freq– Post Low Pass Filter frequency.
Dry/Wet– Overall Dry/Wet control.
Oversample - Oversampling Rate in realtime.
16x On Render – Oversampling Rate in Render (Mixdown) mode of host:
OFF - Oversampling Rate in Render (Mixdown) mode of host same as in realtime;
ON - Oversampling Rate have a maximum (16x) value in Render (Mixdown) mode of host.           

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