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[Mastering System, kommerziell] iZotope Ozone 5 - TheEagle - 05-02-2012

Ozone 5

[Image: slideshow_dynamics_detail2.png]  [Image: slideshow_meterbridge2_detail2.png]

[Image: slideshow_imager_detail.png]  [Image: slideshow_2D-spectrogram.png]

iZotope's complete mastering system in a single integrated plug-in includes eight essential mastering tools:
Maximizer, Equalizer, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Stereo Imaging, Post Equalizer, Multiband Harmonic Exciter, Reverb, and Dithering.

Ozone 5 Advanced adds 6 additional component plug-ins, extended features in every module, and an entire suite of configurable meters.

Demo Download:

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