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Qtractor - linux - Bam - 16-06-2013


[Image: qtractor-screenshot10.png]


    Multi-track audio and MIDI sequencing and recording.
    Developed on pure Qt4 C++ application framework (no Qt3 nor KDE dependencies).
    Uses JACK for audio and ALSA sequencer for MIDI as multimedia infrastructures.
    Traditional multi-track tape recorder control paradigm.
    Audio file formats support: OGG (via libvorbis), MP3 (via libmad, playback only), WAV, FLAC, AIFF and many, many more (via libsndfile).
    Standard MIDI files support (format 0 and 1).
    Non-destructive, non-linear editing.
    Unlimited number of tracks per session/project.
    Unlimited number of overlapping clips per track.
    XML encoded session/project description files (SDI).
    Point-and-click, multi-select, drag-and-drop interaction (drag, move, drop, cut, copy, paste, paste-repeat, delete, split, merge)
    Unlimited undo/redo.
    Built-in mixer and monitor controls.
    Built-in connection patchbay control and persistence (a-la QjackCtl).
    LADSPA, DSSI, native VSTi and LV2 plug-in support.
    Unlimited number of plug-ins per track or bus.
    Plug-in presets, programs and chunk/configurations support.
    Unlimited audio effect send/return inserts per track or bus.
    Audio/MIDI clip fade-in/out (linear, quadratic, cubic).
    Audio/MIDI clip gain/volume, normalize, export.
    Audio/MIDI track and plugin parameter automation (dynamic curves, sample&hold, linear and spline modes).
    Audio clip time-stretching (WSOLA-like or via librubberband), pitch-shifting (via librubberband) and seamless sample-rate conversion (via libsamplerate).
    Audio/MIDI track export (mix-down, merge).
    Audio/MIDI metronome bar/beat clicks.
    Unlimited tempo/time-signature map.
    Unlimited location/bar markers.
    MIDI clip editor (matrix/piano roll).
    MIDI instrument definitions (a-la Cakewalk™ (*.ins));
    SoundFont (*.sf2) and MIDI Names XML (*.midnam) files also supported.
    MIDI controller mapping/learn/assignment (mixer and plug-in parameters).
    MIDI system exclusive (SysEx) setups.
    JACK transport sync master/slave.
    JACK session support.
    NSM (Non session management) support.
    MMC control surface enabled.
    MIDI Song Position cueing support.
    Configurable keyboard shortcuts.

Re: Qtractor - linux - Bam - 10-10-2013 updates Qtractor (Linux) to v0.5.11
  • Adding a track now inserts it after the current one, if any; one can also drag and move a track below the last one in the track list (main view left pane).
  • Extended Edit/Select Mode/Automation: multi-selection mode, cut, copy, paste and delete of current track's automation curve nodes, now reached implementation ready status.
  • Another old silent bug bites the dust: changing track names were dropping any track gain/volume and panning automation curves when saving the session.
  • A primeval processing bug has been sorted out: aux-sends to audio output buses that just appear to be after the input bus where they're inserted were being left muted and silent (on a ticket follow-up by Holger Marzen, thanks).
  • Fixed a sure crash bug exposed when processing of aux-send plugins when inserted too early on audio input buses chain (after a ticket report by Holger Marzen, thanks).
  • Allow the build system to include an user specified CFLAGS (patch by Cristian Morales Vega, thanks).
  • Shift/Ctrl keyboard modifiers now set to extend current clip selection while in main track view's Edit/Select Mode/Range, Rectangle modes.
  • Main Edit/Select Mode/Automation icon retouched to look a bit more obvious and intuitive, hopefully Wink
  • Allow to change the velocities/values of the current selected events which have the exact same onset times and hide beyhond each other on the MIDI clip editor's pane below the main view piano-roll (ie. the one that represents MIDI event values as a bar chart).
  • Fixed some problematic playback/export muting and annoying cleanup freezing, due on audio tracks with too many clips eg. more than hundred clip splits (hopefully fixes an issue reported by Louigi Verona, thanks).
  • LV2 UI resize feature support/control added.
  • Fixed dedicated MIDI control and MIDI metronome port connection restore conflict (thanks to jhammen catch & patchSmile.
  • New user preference option added: reverse middle-button role to Shift/Ctrl keyboard state, in special regard to edit-head/tail vs. play-head positioning while on the main track and MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) views.
Previous and older pre-releases, including the change log, are also available here.
You can browse all files available for download, including binary packages, at Qtractor Files on

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