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Rehearse VST plugin - Bam - 29-02-2012

Rehearse VST plugin

[Image: rehearse.jpg]

The goal of this VST plugin is to make rehearsing songs easier. It can play wave files by use of the mouse or a midi keyboard. Also navigation functionality like pause, forward and backwards can be controlled from a midi keyboard.

This way you can easily listen to parts of the song, repeat the notes&chords on the keyboard (by using another VST on the same channel) and transcribe the parts.

The VST plugin might also be useful for other purposes, e.g. playing looped beats or playing full songs as accompaniment on stage.

Disclaimer: please note that Rehearse is still in beta stage and might contain some serious bugs.

Rehearse has been designed to run on the Muse Receptor. It might run on some hosts under Windows XP and higher.

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