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Audio Studio Manager 2.0 - mac,free - Bam - 25-04-2013

Audio Studio Manager

[Image: EquipmentView_03_iconesOnly.jpg]

Audio Studio Manager Lite is a version of Audio Studio Manager aimed to the home recordist and producer that do not need all the features you will find in the full version.

Better: it's free.

The app was created to answer, in a simple way, questions like: How much will it cost your next recording project? How much time you spent on your current project? Did you do the backup of the last recording session? Where is the User Guide of your mixer? How many tube equipment do you have? What equipment are in need of assistance?


Equipment Organizer.

categorize equipment.
create your wish list.
control the warranty, prices, dates, units, locations.
tags and notes.
equipment condition.

Project management.

clients and projects (Activity Status).
costs and payments by project.
manages the project phases.
Independent control of services.
control the services charged hourly or flat rate.
Independent control of each session (notes, tag, engineer, assistant ...).
time tracker by phase.


Studio Notes.
Last Sessions Link.
Notifications: Sessions without backup; Equipment in need of assistance.

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