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TDR Feedback Compressor II - Bam - 11-04-2013

TDR Feedback Compressor II

[Image: fbcompII.png]

The TDR Feedback Compressor II is a major design update of its critically acclaimed predecessor. The compressor is dedicated to the highest fidelity stereo program (2-buss) compression, but shines equally in classic mixing tasks.

Most modern compressors analyse the input signal to control gain reduction. This is known as a "feed-forward" topology. The TDR Feedback Compressor II, however, analyses the output. This approach delivers unobtrusive and highly musical compression characteristics which mean the compressor is able to handle complex signals with ease.

The TDR Feedback Compressor II takes this traditional compression topology to new heights as a state of the art dynamics processor combining an unusual and highly flexible, yet intuitive control scheme. The compressor has been carefully tuned for intuitive and musical operation for almost every situation. No compromises have been made in order to achieve the highest possible quality of dynamic control.

We want to emphasize the fact that the processor neither tries to emulate any previously available device, nor does it follow popular trends like "virtual analogue", "circuit modelling" or similar buzz words. This is a proud digital processor, made with an immense amount of love and care.

Re: TDR Feedback Compressor II - G-Noise - 11-04-2013

ja das Plugin hab ich auch schon, machtn gesunden Eindruck.

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