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Mutagene - Bam - 10-04-2013


[Image: lipredemuco_screenshot.png]

Similar in some respects to the original mWarped Linear Prediction filter. The filter has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. In modes 1 & 2 ("code td" and "code fd"), it transmits side information on output channels 3&4. In modes 4 & 5 ("decode td" and "decode fd") it process input channels 3&4 to "reconstruct" channels 1&2. In mode 3 ("code+decode") only channels 1&2 are used and no side information is passed or processed.

The plugin is not attempting to be a codec simulation and transparent coding/decoding is likely impossible. I'm not sure how far the plugin will be developed. Currently only a Mac VST (32-bit).

Rough UI created using g200kg's knobman and users az and Sasha Radojevic's .knob files

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