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VSTizer Basic - Bam - 06-04-2013

VSTizer Basic

[Bild: 1_05_04_13_11_58_53.png]

VSTizer Basic is a free virtual RTP-MIDI port for VST hosts. It allows direct control of any RTP-MIDI node (including the complete range of Kiss-Box RTP-MIDI interfaces) directly from a sequencer track, without needing any driver.

It can be instantiated multiple times in the same project without requiring any tricks like using a communication proxy, and multiple tracks can connect to the same interface, with fully transparent merge between all data.

It transmits all MIDI data over the RTP-MIDI link like if you were programming a standard VST instruments. It also supports MIDI bank switching when programs are loaded. VST parameters are automatically translated to MIDI Control Change messages.

And last but not least, it's free .

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