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Synthblitz Audio Spazial VST v1.04 - Bam - 04-02-2013

Synthblitz Audio Spazial VST v1.04

[Image: capturespazial.jpg]

Spazial is a powerfull audio VST designed for create wide stereo effect and is able to encode and divide the incoming stereo signal into M/S signals but also for decode M/S signals into stereo signal. Spazial uses different ways to processing the incoming signal. There are 5 modes of using it : internal, send mid, send side, spazial and decoder mode. Spazial allows the processing of the signals encoded by five potentiometers on the panel or sends the encoded pure signals directly to the output via the functions enc mid and enc-side. The panel also has a useful high-pass filter and a special vibrato control. Spazial is free donationware and available in VST format for Windows.

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