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Footile - Bam - 01-02-2013


[Image: 1_01_02_13_7_18_46.png]

Footile is the remix of a VST effect by Novuzeit, Motile. Motile and Footile share the same serial-multi-fx concept and sound architecture but with a different modulation system.

In Footile, the effects parameters can be tweaked on four different "scenes". Each scene is shown (colour coded) as a corner of an XY pad in the middle of the interface, so moving the cursor will morph each scene into the others.
Furthermore, morphing can be modulated with independent and mixable LFOs, sequencers, envelope followers, randomizers (s/h), operating on X or Y axis or both at host-synchronized rates.

Inspired by a certain quest for failure, Footile can be pretty unsubtle. It will treat signals with the following FX chain: pitch shifter-bitrate crusher-psycho-grains-glitch-metal-filter-control. Every effect can be deactivated and mixed at will.

Footile comes with 32 "unsuccessful" presets.

Re: Footile - knossos - 06-11-2015

Pluggotic ist inzwischen leider weg, jedoch sind dieses und andere Pluggotic Plugins noch in der Wayback Machine zu finden: .

Re: Footile - Bam - 07-11-2015

@knosssos, danke werde die Tage ein Specialpack machen, bevor die Downloads im Nirwana verschwinden.....

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