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LoopJam - Bam - 01-02-2013


[Image: loopjam_gui_v1-1_fx_web.png?w=540&h=296]

LoopJam is a free remix software that lets you spice up, recycle and remix music loops in a new and easy way. Without prior music knowledge anybody can use LoopJam to create some sweet music - 1 click on the ::: Jam ::: button allows you to jump into remixing right away. Download LoopJam and get 10 sample loops for free and start making music today. It's fun, it's addictive, it's LoopJam!

::: Remix. Discover. Perform :::

Main features are:
• The unique Slice & FX Matrix allows you to remix loops by drag & drop
• load audio loops (wav, 16bit/44.1kHz, 8-16 bars long)
• Slicing: automatic slicing of audio loops into beat synchronous segments
• Remixing: 1 click remixing / break generation using ::: Jam ::: (endless remixes/breaks can be generated using slice re-arrangement)
• Flavor: add some spice by applying up to 9 audio FX to all or individual slices
• FX Levels: set individual FX Dry / Wet levels
• Save: save up to 10 remixes / scenes for export or performance
• Performance: recall scenes (1-10) from keyboard shortcuts (0..9)
• Arrangement: export scenes / breaks in CD quality for arrangement in your DAW of choice (Ableton, Cubase, ProTools, Logic)
• Continue: Save your session (original+all saved breaks) to continue with your remix whenever you like.

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