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VB-Cable - Bam - 05-01-2013


[Image: VirtualAudioCable.gif]

VB-CABLE is an easy to use audio device driver (MME, DX, WDM) working as a Virtual Audio Cable. It appears in your system as a new audio device (playback and recording device). All audio signal sent to CABLE Input (Playback audio device) will be sent to the CABLE Output (Recording audio device).

VB-CABLE works like regular audio device driver and can be set as default playback device. It is configurable by control panel / Sound dialogbox (like whatever regular audio device). See "Configure" button for multichannel setup and "Advanced" button for sound quality setup.

VB-CABLE technology opens up new application field. more info on

[Image: ControlPanelSound.jpg]

Re: VB-Cable - GluBloB - 05-01-2013

Danke, aber...???

"Virtual Audio Cable" ist das nicht Software?

Re: VB-Cable - Bam - 05-01-2013

(05-01-2013, 02:58 PM)GluBloB link Wrote:Danke, aber...???

"Virtual Audio Cable" ist das nicht Software?

Es ist Software, aber da es ein Treiber ist, hab ich es unter Hardware getan.....

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