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PyDAW - Linux - Bam - 29-11-2012


[Image: pydaw-song-editor.png]

[Image: pydaw-plugins.png]

PyDAW is a complete solution for producing MIDI-based electronic music.

Features include:

    A DAW with a unique, MIDI-focused workflow somewhere between a conventional DAW, a tracker and a drum machine.
    A modular sampler featuring up to 32 samples, with 32 routable effects groups, and 32 voice polyphony.
    An analog-style synthesizer.
    Efficient, low latency multithreaded plugin processing.
    Sample accurate MIDI timing, with a high resolution engine(no ticks-per-quarter-note or other concepts that may limit accuracy).
    A multi-effect unit that features over 15 different effects, with more being added.

PyDAW is designed specifically for people producing electronic music. Rather than taking the traditional approach of creating multi-track recording software and overlaying MIDI capabilities on top of that, PyDAW's workflow was designed first and foremost for MIDI, with strong support for duplicating patterns and ghosting/unghosting items.

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