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DSI Mopho VSTi Editor - Bam - 08-08-2012

DSI Mopho VSTi Editor

[Image: 1_21_05_13_6_59_29.png]

The Mopho, by Dave Smith Instruments , is a beautiful little synthesizer with fully analog signal path and a famous Curtis analog low-pass filter. It's only shortcoming for many has been the lack of proper control under normal music making situations. For this reason I've created a little program that loads inside a normal VST-host and enables the user to load patches straight from the computer with full recall abilities. It gives you easy edit and automation controls of every parameter of the synth, just as if it was a software instrument.

Check out the Demo version to see how it performs on your setup.

Prize: €10

Re: DSI Mopho VSTi Editor - nox - 08-08-2012

werde ich mir zeitnah mal anschauen...

Re: DSI Mopho VSTi Editor - nox - 29-10-2013

Alternativ geht auch die freie LE Version von Soundtower. Vorteil hier ist aber die direkte Einbindung als Vst - funktioniert auch recht gut. Mopho Desktop Besitzer werden eh mit einem Editor arbeiten um halbwegs tief in die Kiste eingreifen zu können.

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