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Metal Mickey Delay Masher - Knob Twiddler - 24-07-2012

Metal Mickey Delay Masher

[Image: MetalMickey.jpg]

Its a robotastic-trippy-lazer-glitch-carnival !!.

Metal Mickey is a sequenced, synced delay unit.

An 8 step sequencer drives the delay time. This is the matrix of red LEDs at the top. The delays are synced to host tempo. Changing the matrix values changes delay time for the given sequencer step.

A second sequencer, running at the same speed, controls the delay feedback. This is the row of 8 sliders underneath the Delay time matrix.

The sequencer has a number of features… random stepping, mulitplication and division of speed, adjustable slide (from one value to the next) and an adjustable loop point.

The higher delay times can be tuned using the Tuning slider.

The wet signal then passes through a multimode filter, a low pass filter and a high pass filter (this allows you to really ‘shape’ the delay line).

Finally the dry and wet signal can be mixed as required.

There are also 2 dedicated LFOs.

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