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  GyL Synths GyLinx
Posted by: Gyl - 27-04-2021, 11:42 AM - Forum: Gyl Synths - Replies (3)


[Image: LE6bfKI.png]

(Bam asked me to post this synth on the new Blog surface /I did it/, but as Bluesmoke and maybe other members don't really like that, now posting it and the Acid Robot in the Forum too.)
Inspired by an Eurorack filter modul (G-Storm Gyrinx), which based on the Synton Syrinx, an old, but tricky synthesizer.
Use the fxb/fxp preset saving system of your DAW/Host, the txt-based one on the GUI prone to save some seq notes incorrectly!
Created 40 presets in Savihost (optimized to the middle-C note and close to it, but you can transpose them with the OCT V12), some of them enjoyable, some just function test or demo, so feel free to modify them, create your own sounds/rhythms and save to the fxb bank.
You can save more banks with different names, if need more patch slots.

Click on the HELP button in System to read more about the features and handling, I tried to collect useful info in it.

The Syrinx was only an inspiration for me, but created by my ideas.
If you want a more authentic Syrinx inspired VST synths, try the great CyRinx I/II from Kevin Brown – I half-made my one, when recognized that Kevin has already made the 2 CyRinx…
Created a new multi-lane sequencer to it, the oscillators are wavetable based ones (came from my earlier 8&8 + created some analogish-looking tri-saw-square-pulse waves manually to it) and has more oscs than the original, there is a dedicated formant/vowel osc too, the delay has some new features (L-R ratio, cross mod), added my PseUn (pseudo-unison) to the effects, each module has Random-Reset, GUI resize, MIDI learn, Envelope Times knob (inspired by Dreadbox Typhon), DePitch to compensate the default 100% keytracking on the cutoff frequencies, morphable LFO waves,… but the heart of the synth is the filter, I think.
Surely far from the perfect (or good...), still has some issues what I plan to repair or improve, but I enjoyed it a lot during the patch making and hope, you will too.
The 32 & 64 bit Win VSTi plugins can be downloaded here:

.zip   GyLinx.zip (Size: 8.62 MB / Downloads: 7)
(the bad news for Win XP users: I started it in newer FS Alphas, so maybe will not run on your system – but worth a try)

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries.

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  GyL Synths Acid Robot
Posted by: Gyl - 27-04-2021, 11:25 AM - Forum: Gyl Synths - No Replies


[Image: FztGfLB.png]
[Image: sFpef5M.png]

Acid Robot is not a Swiss Army tool, a simple synth, but can produce nice sounds and rhythmic patterns.
It has a key tracking, multi-lane sequencer with step based smoothing, 2 oscillators with PWM on ALL waveforms (tri-saw-pulse), distortion, a multi-mode filter, LFO and envelope modulations on the main parameters, a stereo delay, randomization, MIDI learn, GUI resize,…
If the sequencer is bypassed, the modulation part is different and you can use it as a normal synth.
If the seq is on, each step retriggers the decay envelopes and the gate time follows the decay time – adjustable with the D/R knob. Added a simple stereo delay to it.
The L-R time ratio is adjustable from 2/3 to 3/2. The max feedback is 1, where it became a short time “looper”.
The shortest times with higher feedback can add metallic timbres to the sound.
I created my patches in SaviHost, but there was a small issue with the saving. The best way was: saved the created preset to the fxb and txt banks, then closed and re-opened SaviHost. This way the saving/loading was always successful. If you can live with it, create your own patterns and sounds.
You can read more about the features and tricks if click on the HELP button – tried to add many useful info to it.
Here is the link to the zip (32 & 64 bit Win VSTi, made with an older FS Alpha, so maybe XP users can use it too):

.zip   Acid Robot.zip (Size: 7.77 MB / Downloads: 7)
VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries.

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  SAVIHost & VSTHost (Hermann Seib) Updated
Posted by: GluBloB - 06-04-2021, 01:40 AM - Forum: Tools/Multimedia - Replies (1)

Just to inform you:
SAVIHost & VSTHost got finaly an update
SAVIHost v1.43
VSTHost v1.57



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Posted by: Elemental Child - 29-03-2021, 10:39 AM - Forum: Elemental Child - No Replies

“The one person who has more illusions than the dreamer is the man of action.” ― Oscar Wilde
"Die einzige Person, die mehr Illusionen hat als der Träumer, ist der Mann der Tat." ― Oscar Wilde

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  RMI Harmonic Vsti_70s Universe Soundbanks_by KUJASHI
Posted by: Kujaschi - 26-03-2021, 05:51 PM - Forum: Kujashi Sounds - No Replies

[Image: mXIbr8q.jpg]
5 Soundbanks (40 Sounds) für den RMI Harmonic Synthesizer von Tom Saouz
Das Original (RockyMoutainsInstruments HarmonicSynthesizer) von 1974 war sehr selten. Nur 250 Stück wurden je produziert und einsame 4 Stück insgesamt in Europa verkauft.
Bekannteste User waren u.a. Jean-Michael Jarre oder Klaus Schulze, Aphex Twin......
Das RMI Harmonic VSTi ist eine gelungene  Emulation und kann durchaus einige der spezifischen Sounds des Originals wiedergeben. Es verfügt jedoch über u. a. keinen Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Portamento und ist nicht in Mono.
In den Soundbänken findest Du einige "gewaltige" Additiv-Padsounds, Vocal-artiges, einige Keyboard- und Glockenklänge, sehr gute Orgeln, einige SFX, Additive Soloklänge, Sequenzer-Stoff und so einige Retroklänge der 70er Ära.
Zu entpacken sind 5 Fxb-Bänke mit jeweils 8 Sounds (40 Sounds insgesamt).

5 Soundbanks (total amount of 40 Patches) for the RMI Harmonic Vsti by Tom Saouz
The Original was a very rare (only 4 units were sold) and special Synthesizer - a real gem in Additive Synthesis.
It was used by Jean-Michel Jarre and Klaus Schulze, for example.
The RMI Harmonic VSTi is an accurate emulation and could produce some of the original sounds (without the original sequencer).
In my soundbanks you can find huge additive pads, Vocalsounds, some Keys and Bells, many Sequencer-Food, some SFX, for sure really good organs, Additive Leads and a lot of retrosounds from the 70s.
There are 5 banks (8 sounds pro bank) with a total amount of 40 Patches.
Unbedingt vorher mal ins Sounddemo lauschen - somit, was man mit den Klängen anstellen kann. Im Demo verwendet wurden ausschließlich Klänge aus den Soundbänken (außer den Drums) und wurden eingespielt ohne Verwendung externer Effecte (außer einem Sequencer).

Have a good listen to this sounddemo - it shows, what these sounds are made for. Only sounds from the banks were used in this demo (except the drums) and played without the use of external effects (except a sequencer).
.mp3   Kujashi_RMI Harmonic_70s Universe_demo.mp3 (Size: 28.63 MB / Downloads: 10)

The Banks:
.rar   Kujashi_RMI Harmonic_70s Universe_Banks.rar (Size: 6.46 KB / Downloads: 10)

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  Homo Superior
Posted by: Elemental Child - 20-03-2021, 11:03 AM - Forum: Elemental Child - No Replies

Gefährten sucht der Schaffende, und nicht Leichname, und auch nicht Herden und Gläubige. 
Die Mitschaffenden sucht der Schaffende. Die, welche neue Werte auf neue Tafeln schreiben. 
Gefährten sucht der Schaffende, und Miterntende: denn alles steht bei ihm reif zur Ernte." -- Friedrich Nietzsche 
"Companions the creator seeks, not corpses, not herds and believers. 
Fellow creators the creator seeks—those who write new values on new tablets. 
Companions the creator seeks, and fellow harvesters; for everything about him is ripe for the harvest." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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  Music-Society presents Serbian Frula by Bam Dorner Productions
Posted by: Bam - 17-03-2021, 03:18 PM - Forum: Music Society Plugins - No Replies

Music-Society presents Serbian Frula by Bam Dorner Productions

[Image: FpigznS.png]

New attempt to build a custom plugin.

Frula is a small flute, which was and is often played by shepherds. Today it is mostly used in folklore orchestras.

The plugin is an alpha version, so use it at your own risk.
Has controls for ADSR, volume, pan, filter and reverb.
At the moment only one preset.

Compatible zu Windows VSTI3, Mac VSTI3 and Mac AU 64 Bit

Unfortunately I don't have a Mac, so I can't test the function under this computer



Important: Dieses VSTI ist nur auf der Seite music-society zu bekommen. Man kann es auf anderen Seiten anbieten, mit dem Link zu dieser Seite. Wer es auf wo anders zum Download anbietet, dessen Account wird sofort gebannt und gelöscht!!!
Get this VSTi @ Music-society.de only !
You are  not allowed to offer this download at other sites without linking to this page.
Users who offer it @ other places without linking to music-society will get banned and lose their account immediately.

.rar   serbian frula win VST3 V0.1.rar (Size: 2.12 MB / Downloads: 9)
.rar   serbian frula mac vst3 V0.1.rar (Size: 1.56 MB / Downloads: 1)
.rar   serbian Frula mac au v0.1.rar (Size: 1.56 MB / Downloads: 1)

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Posted by: Elemental Child - 13-03-2021, 10:10 AM - Forum: Elemental Child - No Replies

Mbali, ein Naturkobold, sorgt sich um die Flora ihres Landes. Sie sieht feurige Glut vorbeiziehen, folgt ihr und findet den Feuerkobold Ember, der Pflanzen versengt. 
Schockiert stellt sie sich ihm entgegen und startet einen Versuch, Ember in einem Gewirr von Ranken zu fangen. Er glüht, seine Intensität nimmt zu und entzündet eine Feuerwolke, die alles verbrennt. 
Doch aus der Asche wächst neues Leben.

Mbali, a nature sprite, is concerned about the flora of her country. She sees fiery embers passing by, follows them and finds the fire goblin Ember, who scorches plants.
Shocked, she confronts him and starts an attempt to catch ember in a tangle of vines. He glows, its intensity increases and ignites a cloud of fire that burns everything.
But new life grows from the ashes.

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  SYSTEM ONE D_mv - Westcoast Bank from KUJASHI
Posted by: Kujaschi - 06-03-2021, 02:28 PM - Forum: Kujashi Sounds - Replies (1)

[Image: ZANMVq3.jpg]
Soundbank (128 Patches) +Drumsound-Bank (31 Patches) für den SystemONE-D_mv  (Buchla 200 series-Emulation) von Kevin Brown
Wer weiß, wie ein Buchla eigentlich klingt? Einfach mal in die Werke von Suzanne Ciani oder Kaitlyn-Aurelia Smith oder auch Alessandro Cortini (Orchesterwerke) reinhören.
Der SystemOneD ist nach Entwicklerangaben (K. Brown) eine Emulation von früheren Buchla-200 series Modulen und ich habe versucht, in diese Modulserie einzutauchen und Klänge "herauszuschälen".
Herausgekommen ist ein Sammelsurium von "Strange Noises", Drone-Klängen, Bässen, majestätischen FM-Gebilden, Modularsweeps, Modular-Vocal/FOrmant-Stimmen, Glocken und Keyboardsounds, Buchla typischen Percussionsounds, verrückten Effektklängen und Sequencersounds (der SystemOneD-mv) hat allerdings keinen integrierten Sequencer (daher extern in den Klangbeispielen) sowie Klängen, wie sie wohl nur ein Modularsystem hervorbringen kann.
Außerdem habe ich noch eine kleine Drum/Percussionsoundbank mit 30 Klängen dazuprogrammiert.
A soundbank with 128 patches and a Drumsoundbank with 31 patches for the SYSTEM ONE D_mv by Kevin Brown

SystemOne D_mv is a emulation of the earlier BucHLA 200 Series:
Do U know how a Buchla sounds? Please, listen to the works of Suzanne Cziani or Kaithleen-Aurelia Smith for example.
This synth is a emulation with some modules of the 200e Series of Buchla and I´ve tried to get into the secrets.
I´ve made a whole bunch of sounds - from strange noises to strong Drones, Basses and majestic patches of FM-synthesis, Modularsweeps, Modular Vox, Bells and analog Keys, Buchla typical Percussion, Crazy SFX and Sequencerfood (this synth has no internal Sequencer) and sounds that only a modular synth can generate.
There´s a little bank with Drum & Percussionsounds for any needs, too.
Einfach mal das Sounddemo durchhören, welches zeigt, was man mit den Klängen der Bank (inkl. Drumbank) so anstellen kann. Eingespielt nur mit Klängen aus der Bank (inkl. Drums/Perc) und ohne externe Effekte.

The Bank:

.rar   Kujashi_SystemOneD_mv_Westcoast_Bank.rar (Size: 16.45 KB / Downloads: 13)
Einfach mal das Sounddemo durchhören, welches zeigt, was man mit den Klängen der Bank (inkl. Drumbank) so anstellen kann. Eingespielt nur mit Klängen aus der Bank (inkl. Drums/Perc) und ohne externe Effekte.
Pleaste, listen to the sounddemo - this shows the usage of the soundbank. Played only with sounds from this banks and without the use of external effects.

.mp3   kujashi_SystemOneD_mv_Westcoast_demo.mp3 (Size: 35.13 MB / Downloads: 14)

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  Unfold Your Wings
Posted by: Elemental Child - 06-03-2021, 11:43 AM - Forum: Elemental Child - No Replies

“Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly.”- Napoleon Bonaparte
“Bis du deine Flügel ausbreitest, hast du keine Ahnung, wie weit du fliegen kannst.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

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