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Arracis Gold by HG Fortune – No longer available

Arracis Gold is an oscillator stepping synthesizer. Its most significant feature is the 4 x 8 osc step-sequencer with adjustable gate-length + modulation on gate-length. With this step-sequencer you can have a quite rhythmical output incl. short blips (stepping among the oscillators in selectable sequence) plus mixing to the normal (steady)…

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OpZilla FM Synthesizer by 2getheraudio

OpZilla FM Synthesizer by 2getheraudio Meet OpZilla. A monster of an FM synthesizer that towers over its competition. Let’s start with its 64 4-operator algorithms and 16 waveforms per operator. This alone yields a huge variety of sonic possibilities for your music. But we didn’t stop there. Sampled attacks, loopable…

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Faber Acoustical SignalScope X v11.1 (Pro Tool Set Enabled) macOS [FREE]

Faber Acoustical introduces SignalScope X as its flagship dynamic signal analysis, data acquisition, and acoustics app for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. The culmination of over 18 years of development experience on Apple platforms, SignalScope X offers in-app subscriptions to replace and exceed the functionality previously found in other apps from…

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SWANKY AMP Swanky Amp is a tube amplifier based on detailed simulations of tube amplification. Swanky AMP is powered by a state-of-the-art tube amplifier model. The model is based on detailed simulations of real tube amplifier circuits, and is built using a variety of modern digital signal processing techniques. Measurements were taken of…

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Fresh Killed Beat by Audionaut

Fresh Killed Beat by Audionaut Features: 12 Sounds/Pads (1 full Octave). Each Sound/Pad has: Volume & Pan. Amp Envelope. Pitch Envelope. Low Pass Filter (Cut Off & Resonance). Switchable Sine/Saw/Triangle waveforms. Wave Shape control. Noise level. Length (Release). Base Frequency. No Longer Available AudionautFKBeat Visits: 31

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ScandiClavia by Fanan Team

ScandiClavia by Fanan Team Scandiclavia is a tiny size virtual analog Nordish organ module, that works in an open mixer format and enhanced with some new exciting features. First, an improved 2 32bit top quality waveform engine with incredibly high dynamic range oscillators to generate 2 organ modules emulation, each…

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music-society specialpack Liquidclear experimental VST plug-ins for Windows

Liquidclear has released a number of freeware VST instrument and effect plug-ins for Windows. Since the original website is no longer available I will offer the plug-ins for download here, with kind permission of James of Symmetrical Castle / Liquidclear. Note: All Liquidclear plugin(s) were created using SynthEdit and are for…

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Full Bucket Music ModulAir synth version 1.2.0

ModulAir is a modular polyphonic software synthesizer for Microsoft Windows (VST) and Apple macOS (VST/AU) written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. ModulAir is a work in progress and as of now with only a bunch of quirky presets and a lousy documentation. I am constantly adding…

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Music-Society presents Cantus1 by Datura Instruments

Cantus 1 is a virtual analog Chorus-Voice-Ensemble. It produces sounds like chanting choirs or singing voices generated by analog synthesis only. You may also get pad sounds with different colourations and vintage touch. Shurely you know the old string-ensembles like „Solina Strings“, “Crumar”, “Logan Strings” or “ARP Quadra”. Many evergreen…

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Karneval der Zahlen

© Ewart Reder

Was ist mit dem Karneval? Die Universität von Paris (Europas frömmste) entschied im 14. Jahrhundert, dass der Mensch eine Zeit braucht für das Unsinnige in ihm. Das Bild ist ein stummer Protest gegen den Übersinn und präsentiert jede der arabischen Ziffern (1 bis 9) in einer anderen Form (und Farbe). Rate die Zahlen und stoße mit dem Bild an.

_ Ecken eines verborgenen _ -Ecks (Zitronen deuten es an)

_ Kleiderbügel (und auch _ Kaktusblätter )

_ Gäste der Liegewiese

_ südliche Straßenbäume

_ Wellen einer Linie

_ Kaktusfrüchte (oder Zitronen)

_ Rosen

_ _ -Eck (verborgen, s.o.)

_ Flächen in Perspektive

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XPERIMENTA Project releases Preparato Piano free edition for Kontakt

XPERIMENTA Project releases Preparato Piano free edition for Kontakt  We are really excited to announce PREPARATO Piano – FREE Edition, with 2 techniques from the Full Version (Tremolo and Brushes Rub), and the power of the Acoustic Modular Engine. “Preparing” an instrument is an experimental technique based on placing objects…

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