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Please Support us!!!

The forum and the blog depend on your donations

The server has received an upgrade, so it has twice the memory and speed

As a bank transfer: https://music-society.de/spenden-donations-via-konto/
In the forum: https://music-society.de/donate.php

New donation-buttom

If possible, I would like to keep both pages free of advertising. But if no donations come in, I would be forced to advertise on both sides.


Das Forum und der Blog sind auf eure Spenden angewiesen
Als Überweisung: https://music-society.de/spenden-donations-via-konto/
Im Forum: https://music-society.de/donate.php

Der Server hat ein Upgrade erhalten, hat somit den doppelten Speicherplatz und Geschwindigkeit

Neue Spenden-Schaltfläche

Ich möchte nach Möglichkeit, beide Seiten werbefrei halten. Aber wenn keine Spenden reinkommen, wäre ich gezwungen, auf beiden Seiten Werbung zu schalten



Musician since about 45 years(various flutes, synths) Composer since 1986 admin of the forum + blog Music-Society

15 Kommentare:

  1. Why does the forum show a donation from me last year – which I did not make – yet doesn’t include the one I did make in February?

  2. Well, it makes sense to me!
    Thank you, Bam.

  3. klasse haste dit jesagt 😀

  4. Separating this blog from the forum was a mistake.
    All these posts should have been in the forum, where they would have appeared in the portal …
    … which you have now disabled.
    It’s not surprising that visitor numbers have dropped so low – and adding advertising will only drive them lower (which will reduce any income the adverts might generate).
    Please reconsider!

    • I had already played with thoughts to close the forum completely, because it is more and more dying. Because occasional posts from a few users are not enough for the site.
      You are wrong that the number of visitors collapses, there are 3-6 new users register daily and unregistered users are on average 30-50 users.
      Since the technology is once again very busy in the private sector, I unfortunately have to wait until both sides are well adapted and interlocked. Then Music-society will work similar to KVR. Only I can’t set it up that way alone, unfortunately.
      Then the forum will be called „forum.music-society.de“ and the blog will be called Music-Society.de.

      • It would be much better if you closed THIS BLOG completely, and started posting in the Forum again.
        Then I (and everyone else) could read your posts in the Portal – along with any new posts from other users.
        And if you simply pointed the domain name to the portal, you would have exactly what you claim you want – with your ‚blog‘ on the home page (and with better formatting).
        You would also be getting more views, if your statistics for the forum are correct, because the stats for the blog don’t look anywhere near as good – currently:

        Online Users: 0
        Today’s Visitors: 13
        Yesterday’s Visitors: 18

        • The portal will be the blog. Theoretically it already works now, but looks like shit at the moment.
          @bluesmoke, see KVR, there goes both forum and blog.
          Well, the site exists since 2001 and they have very good sponsors, so that the good programmers can afford, which I unfortunately can not. I have to wait until 13thFairy has time to change everything properly.
          You are one who posts in regular intervals in the forum what, Element and Mira post only their tracks, the rest are corpses.
          Is one way or another my last attempt, otherwise I close everything in October, until then runs the contract for the server

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        • @bluesmoke
          You’re right if you argue not to seperate textcontent from downloadaction. Bams plan is to combine it into this „new“ software a blog – cause it is easier to handle.
          The concept has changed to you main writer (bam) and some comentators. The Idea is, that some of them – may you – like to write some articles as guestblogger – also with the ability to upload.

          how ever. currently it stucks, cause my current employment makes it impossible to me to switch to this project, as bam mentioned.

          bams plan was to simplify this project and make it more attractive. by the way „forum“ is a very old piece of softwareidea, which is hard to transfer into this fast world. You are absolutely right, that the actual presentation isn’t the perfect Image of a well-functional-attractive-website.

          We…. emm.. I will fix that, as soon as possible. Meanwhile please stay tuff. 🙂



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