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MGF Audio Chord Pal Beta (For Max For Live Device) [FREE]


Chord Pal is a handy tool for one-note chords that stay in key. Each octave on the keyboard is split into 7 different chords. Chord Pal is designed with speed, creativity, and workflow in mind. It’s handy for beginners that want fun sounding chords with a single key press, or producers looking for a new creative tool.

This Max for Live device works with Ableton Live 11, and you need to have Max For Live enabled as an Ableton add-on before you use it.

Chord Pal has a lot of features, including:
Print to MIDI – easily transfer your chord progression into an Ableton MIDI clip
Sequencer – creates arps and complex sequences out of your chords
Modify controls – modify your chords and sequences on the fly in various ways
Banks – save your chord sets and recall them later. Import / export whole collections of banks.
All chord sets save into your patch
Customise scale and easily switch between major and minor with a toggle control

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