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MassModeler 1636 and 1664 by Acousmodules


It combines a 16 channels Pitch Shifter, a wide range 16 channels FM distorsion, a 16 channels multinode FFT filter and a SpatMass section to spatialize them inside an up to 64 speakers space. Each spatial position of the 16 inputs can control the modulation of its pitch and the spectrum shifting.
– up to 8 octaves FFT pitch shifting
– 0.1Hz to 10 kHz Frequency Modulator
– free shape high quality FFT filters
– Derive and Chaos settings
– up to 64 free positionning outputs
– up to 16 inputs that can be arranged, morphed and animated according to basic 2D and 3D shapes (Sphere, Cube, Lignes, Planes, Chaos)
– Glue and Trail settings for more organic animations
– 3 global Modulators.
The Pitch shifter and the FFT sections are based on ElenaDesign’s Synthedit Modules: http://www.kvraudio.com/developer/elena-design



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