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Lichtjahr – Aus der Ferne, 1975

Aus den verschollenen 70er Bändern!

45 Jahre altes Material mit Jan Krahn und Matthias Schuster!
,,,mit M-400 Mellotron, PPG 1002 Synthesizern ( 4 mal) Roland System 100 Sequenzer Model 104 ( 2 mal) Hohner String Vox, Hohner Planet D, Mutron Bi-Phase, Schulte Compact Phasing A, Swiss Tape Echo, AKG BX-20, etc

Video and remastering by Matthias Schuster in November 2020

Matthias Schuster [Geisterfahrer, Im Namen des Volkes, Bal Pare, Das Institut] produced about 150 bands in his studio from 1980 until today including artists like Andreas Dorau [Fred vom Jupiter], Kosmonautentraum, Abwärts, Brosch, Saal II, The Red Crayola,. He produced several Movie Soundtracks, especially mentioned here the soundtrack for the Movie : FRAKTUS, starring Rocko Schamoni, Jaques Palminger & Heinz Strunk. Matthias toured in Canada, The United States, UK, France , Belgium ,and many more countries and is still active on Tour with his projects IM NAMEN DES VOLKES, BAL PARE & DAS INSTITUT and producing new records until today.

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