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KaleidoSampler 64 and 128 by Acousmodules


It is a kind of sample mangler and granular processor where each fragment or grain can be sent dynamically to a different output up to 128!
– processes one input channel or a mono wave file (4 in the Multi version)
– variable number of simultaneous fragments (polyphony) up to 128
– pitch and filter modulation of each grain
– two versatile Modulators
– user defined shape modulator
– output mode: Straight or Panned (smoother but heavier on the resources)
– enhanced Instant Gesture with recording and playback modes
– 64 channels delay + resonator (not in the 128 channels version)
– direct MIDI controllers modulations
– Instant Gesture section to record and play in various ways 2D gestures that can control the sample pitch, the fragments time position, the grain rate and the spatial output.



Musician since about 45 years(various flutes, synths) Composer since 1986 admin of the forum + blog Music-Society

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