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EarQuiz Frequencies Ear Training by EarQuiz Windows MacOS StandAlone free

EarQuiz Frequencies is a Free and Open Source software for ear training on equalization. Its goal is to help musicians and other audio professionals or students learn how to hear frequency bands, and to adjust an EQ consciously.

Whether you make a living from music or this is your hobby; whether you are a seasoned sound professional or a student, trying to develop or master the ability to aurally recognize frequency bands; whether you are an audio specialist/artist of any kind (performer, producer, recording/mixing/mastering/live sound engineer, audio designer, DJ, etc.) or just someone who wants to teach himself/herself how to adjust an audio system with equalizer by ear, this application is for you! Educators in the audio industry may use this software to produce superb quality training and test materials for their students almost in no time.

This application is based on (and deeply inspired by) the world-renowned Golden Ears method of David Moulton, whose course is half dedicated to building this essential critical listening skill.

The overall training process involves ongoing learning and testing yourself. In the Learn mode, you listen to the pink noise or music (or other external audio) excerpts with switched off and on 1-octave or 1/3-octave graphic EQ, boosting or cutting frequency bands within certain spectral ranges. Then in the Test mode you are given a sequence of 10 similar examples, where you try to guess, which frequencies are boosted or cut, and you get scored.


  • Internal pink noise generator or any external audio file in WAV, AIFF, FLAC or MP3 format as audio source.
  • 15 built-in presets with increasing difficulty.
  • 1-octave (10-band) and 1/3-octave (30-band) EQ.
  • Exercise patterns with boost and/or cut frequencies.
  • Single-band and Dual-band exercise patterns.
  • Custom adjustable frequency gain level from ±1 to ±18 dB.
  • Custom adjustable filter bandwidth/Q-factor.
  • Auto peak-normalization, preventing digital clipping during equalization.
  • Easy non-destructive trimming of external audio files.
  • Adjustable example/slice length from 10 up to 30 seconds.
  • Auto-saving trimmed ranges and example/slice lengths for different audio sources.
  • Exporting learning and test audio file packages in WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, or OGG format.
  • Audio format converter.
  • Reading M3U, M3U8, PLS, XSPF playlists supported.
  • Exporting M3U and M3U8 playlists supported.
  • Convenient and flexible playlist navigation.
  • And other features…


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